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No problem for black pen ; cleaning is even easier with the contrast than pencil. This was simply amazing. Thank you for sharing your positive feedback with us!

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I'm sure you understand, sometimes you get into a rut where nothing works and everything looks awful. This design was fantastic and opened my eyes to trying something different and unique. The techniques you described were simple to implement but extremely effective and creative. Great job! I really loved it!!

Your method is easy to me and I follow this. Thanks for sharing I am impressed , I will follow your tutorial. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for sharing a brilliant post. I've looked online and I can't seem to find a.

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Although I can find HB. Probably something I bought to my local art store long time ago. Has a fantastic perspective of your brain. After reading this informative article, I honestly thank you for your effort and hard work and my request is always to please share us a lot more post in future. Keep writing. I will frequently visit your site for new post. So plz keep posting like that. Thank You. I have already bookmark this. This is absolutely mind blowing. Keep writing Very helpful.

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I like it. Thanks a lot. What you presented was well done and wonderful in order to get your stand on this across to all your viewers. Awesome design. Keep Posting. Nothing to say more :D. You have a fan for life! I like your all post in the blog.

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You make me interested about Krita and cartoons. I admire your work. Thanks again for the article. You guys are awesome. Great information. Best regards…. I had been looking all over for a tutorial on making the lineart transparent using Krita. This was perfect. Thank you so much! I'm using Peppermint 8, works fine, nemo and xfce interface are good and tweaked a lot although have all the latest versions of Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Knoppix as well as Puppy and Lubuntu and Kubuntu, tried and went back to Pep8 Earlier i used Fedora in late , later it was all windows, its just recently i switched back to Linux, although i don't like their package installation system and updates are messy, mostly unstable and get my mouse and keyboard stuck.

Well I'm learning Krita at the moment, and like your tutorials. Find a bit complex in the begining, but was similar with PS too as a beginner.

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  • Found! 150 Scanned Red Drawings;

Thanks for the great works. Keep Sharing.

Xfce is a very good choice of D. My only problem was that I couldn't figure out how to separate my lineart from the white background of my scan. After searching for hours on the Web for a tutorial, I finally stumbled upon yours. Words cannot express how thankful I am for your tutorial, because I was at my wit's end trying to figure the process out on my own.

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Thank you very much! Be well.

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By the way, your artwork rocks! Have fun coloring your linearts ;.

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I hope you don't mind me asking, if I don't use blue pencil lead or I use black pen to ink and erase all the pencil sketch, how do I change the color adjustment curves in step 9? Should I flatten all three of them or let them be? And then what should I do in step 10?

Sorry if my question sounds ignorance, I'm new to digital art and still have so much to learn. Good luck starting the journey of digital art. Blue is a better color because of a couple of factor: 1. A lot of scanner have difficulties to catch bright blue even if with time this argument is less and less a good one, the optic of scanner is better and better 2. Blue lids, or blue pencil for sketching is a bit standard; so it is easier buy 'ready made' solution. That being said; it is totally possible to use Red or Green I tested red, it leaves a bit of grey ; and green works better To adapt the tutorial ; you just need to adapt the curve eg.

Update: Spanish version available on Chalo Blogg. I start with a sheet of A4 random tiny sketches. I usually draw facial expression, then poses and sometime thumbnails. It's not meant to look like the good sketch you'll put into a book.

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It is doodling, something you'll keep for yourself; your visual notes. I do that to be in sync with my volumes, and also break the stress to draw badly later on the final sheet. On this session illustration under , a little thumbnail had my attention. I outlined it in orange on the visual. I take my reference on the side of my desk [1] and with a new sheet of paper I start drawing guidelines [2]. I keep them very light and subtle, with minimal pressure on my blue pen. I use Pentel Blue lead in 0. I tested also many other brands, and the Pentel are the one who suit more my taste and drawing style.

You can see I trace large arc ; and keep the whole things undetailed. I'm looking for composition, and energy.