A Walk On Mars

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To help this nation send humans to deep space and return them to Earth safely, engineers across the country are developing a new space transportation capability, destined to travel far beyond our home planet, NASA said. Together, they will take us farther into the solar system than humans have ever traveled. They are our spaceship to Mars and beyond. Right now Curiosity is doing our dirty work on the Red Planet's surface. But in just a few years—by —NASA has plans to capture an asteroid , and then land on said asteroid in the following years.

Take a Walk on Mars -- in Your Own Living Room

That will give researchers invaluable information as to how new technologies and capabilities can hold up for future man missions to Mars. Could humans live on Mars in the future? NASA seems convinced that life does exist beyond our planet, and said it will prove it within the next 20 years. That's both scary and exciting. In the meantime, the agency has a number of milestones to pass, including a test flight of Orion in December , a Pluto mission in , new Mars missions in , and maybe even the introduction of commercial space flight in from private companies.

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    What It Would Feel Like To Walk On Mars

    Video Space 24 October Take a walk on Mars. Andrew Masterson reports. Now you can visit Mars without leaving your lounge room.

    Explore Mars virtual reality technology Curiosoty Rover. Andrew Masterson is editor of Cosmos. Looking for more science?

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