Backpackers: Fear on a Shoestring

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The waters here are warm and have all the amazing shades of colours that you are probably accustomed to seeing in travel brochures showing my age here : azure, aquamarine…it is a little piece of paradise. You can go diving, snorkelling or simply float. Place is mobbed in the summer but in autumn, winter the crowds thankfully thin out.

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When in Gozo spend some time in the ancient capital, Rabat, better know as Victoria. I spent a few hours just wondering aimlessly the picturesque historic streets, enjoying scenes of the daily life of locals. Fresh fish at the open market, Victoria. With its narrow alleys and high rampart walls this is a dreamy historic site to just wander around and take in these great panoramic views across the island. Past prisoners have included a few Knights including the grandmaster himself, Jean Parisot de la Valette.

As you walk around the prison you can still see the limestone walls covered with graffiti by the past illustrious residents. Fascinating stuff. The Maltese cuisine is a mixture of many flavours and foreign influences thanks to the various nationalities of people that have inhabited the islands over the past few centuries.

The result is a cuisine that is very exotic. Pastizzi here is home made- Crystal Palace been family run for over 40 years and the name was to mainly appease English sailors who were frequent visitors to the island. A complement to any meal in Malta could be a glass of the local bittersweet soft drink Kinnie which was developed as natural, healthy alternative to Coca Cola. It is an odd, acquired taste but one that I grew to love over the past 2 trips so give it a shot.

My favourite alcoholic beverage of choice in Malta is the beer Cisk. It is not strong, not too gassy lager and has a refreshing taste. It was once voted as the best beer in the world, which is probably stretching the truth slightly but nevertheless it is the drink of the locals.

Stop by at the postcard pretty seaside village of Marsaslokk on a Sunday to experience the market.

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It is a great market where you can buy fish fresh off the boat, shop for trinkets or sample some of the local Qubbajt aka Maltese Nougat. Grab a table at one the bars in the harbour and order a Cisk, then just sit back and admire the beautiful boats , watch the locals furiously haggle with the fishermen. Ftira Biz Zejt and Cisk: marriage made in heaven. This is the ultimate Maltese snack for me and can be found in most beach bars and cafes across the island. Ftira is a disc-shaped semi flat bread , texture of a ciabatta, but round with a hole in the middle.

It as tasty and amazing as it sounds. Gozo is for seafood lovers. Situated inside the walls of the citadel serving delicious a changing selection of fresh food and homegrown wine, Ta Rikardu is a Gozitan experience not to be missed. I sampled the Gozitan platter here which was a mix of 3 different and excellent varieties of local cheese, tomatoes, olives, sundried tomato capers, bread etc. This article is by no means a comprehensive guide to Malta and Gozo but gives you some cool ideas of things to do for your next trip.

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I hope you find it useful. If you have any feedback, tips or recommendations-drop me a line. I missed out on a few things like the walk along the waterfront from St. Always good to leave something for next time right? All words and photos represent my personal and honest views and experiences and are completely unbiased. Last but not least , no matter how beautiful a place is, you need good company to enjoy it. So a big thank you to fellow blogger Manu, Ishay and Rosetta happy faces below for your wonderful company and making it a memorable trip.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Located near Puerta del Sol, this hostel is situated in a beautifully preserved heritage building dating from the 19th century.

For many backpackers, planning is the hardest part of the whole trip.

The mixture of classical…. Malta I have gravely misunderstood you. When is it best to visit Malta and Gozo? San Lawrenz. Xwejni Bay. No time to be scared. Solo trips can be lonely, especially on multi-days, but if you're interested in pushing yourself mentally, I say go for it.

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Of course, being self reliant is key. If you get into to trouble, you have to get yourself out of it. If your confident in your backcountry abilities, good decision making, basic first aid, etc, then solo trips can be mind blowing and life changing. When I go out on solo trips, even a long day hike, I plan my route and create waypoints with notes of where I expect to be and when.

I make a second copy of that info and send it to my mom. Along with any possible route deviations.

We set a time that she should expect to hear from me. The rule is that if there is no contact from me by that time, the clock starts. I have 24 hours to surface before the search starts. The important thing in all this is discipline. I have to stay in the general area that I said I would be. If I decide on a different route, or decide to summit a different mountain the plan goes to shit. The chances of rescue grow increasingly thin.

As in the case of Aaron Ralston, how can you be found if no one knows where to look.

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With all that said, fear is good, it helps you make good decisions. Poor decisions in the back country is what kills people. Finally, bring a journal and be prepared to face yourself. You can get away from the hustle and bustle of civilization, people, problems, pressures, but you can't escape your biggest obstacle. This is a great opportunity to meet yourself head on. And that, in my opinion, is the greatest challenge that the backcountry offers.

Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Solo Backpacking Trip fear. Hey yall, I started backpacking several months ago. Any advice or tips? United States. Continue this thread. I try to think to myself; About how I have escaped to the wild, to be alone, away from all the other hairless apes.

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Matter of opinion, I say — but, come to think of it, I really have been to pretty much all Mayan sites in Yucatan and I have yet to find one as beautiful as Tulum. Besides, I think some locals must take a real pity on me because even if I find myself in the middle of tourist-landia Cartagena, or right at the market in crowded Cusco, I eventually get to talk to the them.

They really must feel bad for me that they eventually start spilling little local secrets about the city. Oh no, I swear they were not trying to rip me off!

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Unless being offered a whole bunch of eucalyptus leaves to cure my sore throat is an attempt at poisoning. I actually end up off the beaten path — because I get lost, or stuck.

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  8. Or both. Like the time I went to the insanely beautiful Marcahuasi , in Peru, and realised there was no bus going back to Chosica, where I could catch the bus to Lima. So I did the only thing to do: spend the night in the lovely, quiet aka isolated village of San Pedro de Casta, listening to the village donkeys bray, do like the locals, and wait around. Some bus would come.