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A handkerchief with four corners of pure pita agave thread , of pita pure, of pure pita, of pita pure, a handkerchief with four corners. How do you want me to like you if the one I want to like me does not like me the way I want him to like me. After three drinks and another three, and another three after the three drinks, drink and drink cause devastation, hors d'oeuvres pranks, [nonsense word] section and glutton 33 rum drinks followed by extreme trout pieces in an instant might be thundered by a thunder. They told me that you have said a saying, that they said I said.

Who said that has lied, and if I would have said that saying that they said that I said, said and re-said is remains, and it would be well said that saying that they said I said. After your three sad tigers how sad are you Trinidad.

Down a ladder went a bifigafa with seven little bifigafos. A little bifigafo fell down. Because she went to get the little bifigafo, the bifigafa fell down. When you tell stories count how many I enter a train with wheat with you, a train with wheat I enter with you. Take the sack of salt out into the sun so that it can dry.

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R with R cigar, R with R barrel, swift roll the wagons carrying sugar to the train. The sly frog eats no sweet potato. He mends the barrel. The archbishop of Constantinople wants to be un-archbishop-constantinopolized. Whoever un-archbishop-constantinopolizes him, a good un-archbishop-constantinopolizer will be.

Pepe Pecas is hacking potatatoes with a pick. Pablito nailed a nail in the bald patch of a small bald man, My mother spoils me. If Samson doesn't season his salsa with salt it turns out bland, it turns out bland, his salsa, for Samson if he seasons it without salt. Because I eat little coconut, I buy little coconut. Parra had a dog and Guerra had a grapevine. The dog of Parra broke the grapevine of Guerra. Then Guerra took a club and killed the dog of Parra. From three sad pots of wheat, three sad tigers ate wheat.

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Three sad tigers ate wheat, from three sad pots of wheat. Pancha irons with four irons.

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With how many irons does Pancha iron? The floor is chequered. Who will unchequere it?

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The unchequerer who could unchequere it would be a good unchequerer. The sky is overcast. Who will uncloak it? The encloaker who encloaked it will be a good uncloaker.

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The dog of San Roque does not have a tail because Ramon Ramirez stole it. My mother spoils me a lot. The chicken ash-lover is in the ashtray. Let her get full of ashes, she will un-ash herself. Friend buy me a coconut. Friend, I don't buy coconut, since the one who eats little coconut buys little coconut.

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Because I eat little coccnut I buy little coconut. The Basque bishop of Vizcaya is looking for the Basque bishop of Guipuzcoa. A dog breaks the tree's branch. Francisco, a cross-eyed very brusque Basque, was searching for the forest. And an ill-mannered person who saw him, asked: Are you searching for the forest, cross-eyed Basque?

They have said that I have said a saying, such a saying I have not said.

Because, if I would have said the saying well said that saying would have been, for having been said by me. Parsley I ate, parsley I dined. When will I un-parsley myself? Children's rhyme with some nonsense adjectives about a hen and her little chicks. Children's rhyme with some nonsense adjectives about a goat and her little goats. The sky is "bricked up". Who will "un-brick" it? The "un-bricker" that will "un-brick" it a good "un-bricker" will be. That saying, that they said that you said that I said, that saying I didn't say, because if I would have said it would have been well said for having been said by me.

In the reeds of Junqueria, Julian was collecting reeds. Juan joined him to collect them and together they collected reeds. Cabral nailed a nail. What nail did Cabral nail? Three sad tigers were swallowing wheat on a wheat field. A small town in Mexico I have a peach tree.

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Very peach producing. Who would pick all the peaches would be a great peach picker. Three sad tigers swallowed wheat in a wheat field from three sad bowls. In three sad bowls, three sad tigers swallowed wheat. One who speaks of loving. How do expect me to love you if the one I would love to love me doesn't love me as I would love to be loved by him.

The mischievous bird bit the cup, on the cup bit the mischievous bird. Behind the dead tree, I ate honey and dry grass. Pin serve bread for Papin.

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Pablito nailed a nail. A nail did Pablito nailed. Which nail did Pablito nailed? Chinese whistling monkey whistling at your chinese mother. Tell me chinese whistling monkey, why do you whistle at your chinese mother? Mother and daughter go to mass, if the mother steps on straw, the daughter on straw steps.

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The white-belly-slim-cat jumps into the boat, goes into the sea, gobbles up squid. The white-belly-warped-leg-skinny-cat jumps to the fence, hunts for, puts a stop to, catches, chews, swallows the rat. Big rat, big poop! Thievish parakeet got into a hat. The hat was made of hay, He got into a box. The box was made of cardboard, He got into a big box. The big box was made of pine, and he got into a cucumber.

The cucumber matured, and the parakeet escaped. I ate colimamil, and I colimamiled my self, now to uncolimamily myself, how will I uncolimamily myself? I eat leek but the dog eats pork. Why do I eat leek but not pork but the dog eats pork but not leek? From elbow to wrist, from wrist to elbow. A dog in the mud sweeps with his tail. With his tail a dog sweeps in the mud. The Archbishop of Parangaricutirimicuaro wants to be the Archbishop of Parangaricutirimicuaro no more, the one who makes The Archbishop of Parangaricutirimicuaro an Archbishop of Parangaricutirimicuaro no more will be a good at it and will be paid for making The Archbishop of Parangaricutirimicuaro an Archbishop of Parangaricutirimicuaro no more.

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