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When she refuses to do so, he tries to manipulate her, yet she is stronger than his manipulative abilities. When her friends finally arrive to help her, Wiseman retreats, gloating that it is far tto late and the gate to destruction is already open. And indeed, once arriving at the roof they are greeted by Black Lady, who tells them that the hour of destruction has come To be continued Preface Finally here it is, the final of the second season.

Compared to the total disaster which DiC caused with the final of the first season, this one is downright humane. Still, quite a lot of stuff got screwed up here, especially considering that these episodes got done after the time gap, where normally alterations were not as legion as before. Maybe DiC simply has a thing for ruining season finals. In the German Version Naru confronts Bunny with the fact that she's noticed her strange behavior and that the huge crystal is clearly causing her concern.

She concludes that Bunny knows what it is and asks her to tell how she can help. Bunny evades the question and Naru realizes that Bunny can't tell her secret. She tells Bunny that she understands and doesn't want to force her, adding they'll see each other next day at school. Once Bunny left after saying their goodbyes, Naru prays to God that Bunny and her friends get out of this alive. In the US Version however, while the beginning of the conversation is the same, Bunny answers on Naru's offer for help that a meatball head like her couldn't possibly know anything about this.

Naru tells her to forget it, tells her to meet her at school tomorrow and reminds her of a math test. After Bunny is gone, Naru says something strange is going on in the city. This change is fatal, since in the original it's pretty clear that Naru knows Bunny is Sailor Moon, but doesn't want to force her to admit her secret.

The Real World Stories Behind Sailor Moon

This all got replaced with irrelevant dialogue in the US Version. Especially shamless is the alteration of the final part of the scene, where Naru's prayer to God got removed from the dub, while she still holds her hands for a prayer.

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Due to this, the transformation sequence is 14 seconds longer. Perhaps this got cut due to one shot, as seen here, looking like he wants her to do something very different.

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He's bleeding heavily and collapses. Sailor Moon knells beside him, feeling very halpless at this.

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Angry he demands her to hand over the Silver Crystal. Sailor Moon refuses and Wiseman gloats, that he is immortal, before repeating his demand. Add to cart. Be the first to write a review About this product. About this product Product Identifiers Game. Show More Show Less. Trending Price New. Show less Show more. No ratings or reviews yet. Limited Edition comes with New live Blu-ray from Nana Mizuki featuring three live performances; 1 full orchestral c Subtitles available in English, French, and Chinese. Includes a drama CD, page original Limited Edition comes with newly illustrated outer case by original character designer, Sh Cygames Pictures first TV animation series..

No doubt about that. The series was a major success worldwide. But the German Version is quite a surprise.

In comparison to Saber Rider for instance, the German Version is based on the original Japanese master and the effort to keep it as close as possible to the Original was being made. Besides a few modifications please see below , the German Version is equal to the uncensored original Japanese Version. The company DiC was calling the shots for the adaption of the first two seasons and Cloverway for the following two seasons.

The final season 5 - "Sailor Stars" - has never been released in the US, probably because of the controversial "Sailor Starlights", which also change the gender during their transformations. The realization is legendary, but for all thw wrong reasons.

Post-War Warriors: Japanese Combatants in the Korean War 戦後の軍人−−朝鮮戦争で戦った日本人戦士

It's a perfect example for heavy censorship in animes these days. After the horrors of the first season, everyone expected the worst DiC also created an absurd broadcast schedule. The length of the removed scenes is purely and simply impressive. Looks like the episodes were censored randomly.

Besides the violence cuts, which could be expected, plot scenes, some gags and anything that could cause trouble with the FCC, was precautionally removed. The meaning of scenes was changed very often, too.

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In most cases, the lines in the dub are softer, but modifications of the footage were also being made. As a result of that, a scene might have an entirely different meaning than the exact same scene in the Original. Americanization describes the pathetic attempt to make the series less Japanese. Not only the character names are different please see below for details but the Japanese ideographs Kanji, Katakana, Hiragana are erased as well. Further differences are renamed food but it still looks the same which is quite hilarious.

But the best thing is: anything takes place in the US, Tokyo isn't being mentioned for once. These modifications aren't going to be mentioned anymore because it happens too often. Exeptions are extraordinary examples for that. This also and particularly concerns the transformations except Sailor Moon's where body lines were removed like there were no tomorrow.

Sailor Jupiter

Recognizing them is a piece of cake because they're obviously a break of style and they're supposed to cover up the cuts. And here also counts: listing any transition would break the mold, so I'm not going to do that. Examples: Unfortunately there are some removed episodes , too. From 46 Original episodes of season 1, only 40 were left over. In the second season, episode 67 was being removed.