El Filibusterismo (Penguin Classics)

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Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not) (Paperback)

Penguin Classics, a branch of Penguin Books, is known for publishing inexpensive paperback versions, said the article. Elda Rotor, editorial director of Penguin Classics, is part Filipino, and has previously paved the way for the publication of Noli Me Tangere.

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Penguin Classics Launches Jose Rizal Classic "El Filibusterismo" 6/16/2011 in NYC

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Penguin Classics’ Pinay publisher puts the spotlight on PH literature

I finally got the chance to sit down with Rotor after she went around a few schools and bookstores for two days durig her Manila visit. Below are edited excerpts from the interview. So in this day, when people are challenging the White Male Canon, how does one go about building a new canon for a publisher of classics? I feel like part of my interest is redefining that word because I think for a certain group of readers it feels very restrictive, the idea of a canon they think immediately of the Western Canon.

How do you go about that kind of criticism? Ideally a book has to be … we think it should sell well to a general reader, ideally.

But at the same time we can envision course adoptions for college. So the perfect Penguin Classics could be both because the general reader is the one that will be hit with publicity and marketing.

I did the Titanic, First Accounts, I did it for the anniversary of the sinking but it [was] about listening to people. Titanic has some crazy fans out there.

El Filibusterismo, Used - AbeBooks

The one who did the cover art became so obsessed with the Titanic when he did it. But are there books that you do because you feel obligated to put it in the canon of Penguin Classics? Not obligated to do. But the thing about Penguin Classics is most books stay in print. We have print on demand.