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Today, the movement is at a crossroads: Will it continue to adapt, improve, and extend its reach, or will it become compromised and co-opted by the very forces it set out to battle?

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View the discussion thread. Is this the great decline of the green building movement?

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Lance Hosey. Stage 1: Emergence In the earliest period of a social movement, various people begin to voice similar desires and discontent, but with little organization. Stage 2: Coalescence When a movement begins to coalesce, it unites disconnected parties around a strategic set of actions.

Stage 3: Formalization In the third stage of development, a movement can no longer rely just on raising awareness; progress depends on trained experts working with organized mechanisms for spurring change. Trait 3: Co-optation Sometimes movement leaders begin to align themselves more with the original targets of social action and take on their values instead of those of the movement.


Trait 4: Failure Many movements fail when they splinter into competing factions with conflicting goals. Trait 5: Success Success occurs when a movement meets its goals, and this is more easily defined and achieved when those goals are very specific. Buildings Built Environment. Related Content.

U.S. Green Building Adoption Index for Office Buildings | CBRE

Green cleaning: The journey from niche to mainstream. The awards are given to notable multi- and single-family residential and affordable housing projects, as well as builders and developers.

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U.S. Green Building Council

Leadership Award The Leadership Award recognizes those whose vision, leadership and commitment have been fundamental to the evolution of our green building industry. LEED for Homes Award This annual recognition recognizes projects, developers and homebuilders that have demonstrated outstanding leadership and innovation in residential green building.

Minneapolis rounds out the top five with 55 percent of office space certified. This change is expected to lower average scores for office buildings by as much as 10 points next year. Any significant change to one of these major certification programs can have a significant impact on the buildings affected.

When Trees Meet Buildings - The B1M

As these programs reach maturity, the capital markets are increasingly incorporating these certificates into loan pricing and alternative financial instruments such as green bonds. This reflects a gradual trend of increasing investor interest in sustainability.