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In some states, this has resulted in guild education opportunities, including technical conferences and seminars for craft beer business professionals. This chapter outlines opportunities that support industry knowledge advancement.

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Morrowind: Main Quest Playthrough [46]: Guild Dues in Punabi

Join the Brewers Association for access to hundreds of resources and tools to help your business thrive. Skip to content. Government Affairs State brewers guilds and associations are nonprofit trade organizations formed to provide an effective, united voice for protecting and promoting the interests of brewers in a given state or region. Structure This chapter takes a look at common structural aspects of a state guild. Industry Defense The importance of establishing relationships with Congressional representatives and their staff cannot be underestimated.

Industry Defense. Promotion The promotion of a state guild is essential to its success. Member Education The rapidly developing craft industry has brought an acute awareness of the need for industry education. Member Education. Jonathan Dayton. Valerie J. Dan Algrant. Mary M.

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Level 4a. If you can convince Manwe to pay the dues, Ranis will split them with you.

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Otherwise, kill her. Ranis tells you that Punabi is north of the Dunmer stronghold Marandus , and she marks Marandus on the map. This still leaves you with the decision on how to get to Marandus.

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The overland route doesn't really have a clear path due to mountains, which complicate travel. Without levitation , the trip can be difficult and is a far distance away. The other option is to take a Silt Strider to Suran , and then swim up the river that runs beside the town to Lake Nabia.

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Besides the occasional slaughterfish coming from the deep and the occasional cliff racer coming from above, there shouldn't be that much of a problem with creatures. Once you arrive at the lake, just get out on the shore and you'll be very close to Marandus. Now just follow Ranis' directions to get to Punabi. Once you get to Punabi, briefly follow the cave until you find Manwe. Use either Speechcraft or bribes to get her Disposition up to 60, and she will fork over gold, the required sum half of which is kept as a reward.

If you kill her, you do not get such a large monetary reward, as she has far less money on her corpse, and your disposition reward is only five, rather than fifteen.

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