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You should have 4 sts on your hook. Three sts should remain on your hook. Last time, yo, insert the hook into the same base ch. One more time, pull the yarn through the first 2sts on your hook. Four sts should remain on the hook. Lastly, yo and pull the yarn through the all 4 stitches on your hook, resulting in 1 remaining stitch on the hook.

Alternate the 1st and 2nd rows until you crochet the desired length of the scarf. Step 3 Last row should equal the 1st row to match the beginning and ending of the scarf. Cut the yarn and secure it. Abbreviations ch — chain cl — cluster h2ch — insert a hook into a second chain from your hook do not count a stitch that is on the hook RC — returning chain sc — single crochet sts — stitches yo — yarn over.

Easy Chevron Pattern Crochet Blanket

Hi Sandy, You may click 'View all' at the top left corner of the very first picture to check my crochet and knitting projects. Happy crocheting! This is such a great idea!! It is a wonderful way to become a more advanced crocheter… :. Selena March 6, at am. Love the Blanket and the colours are beautiful. I am trying to make it but would love some help with shell pattern Row Have tried a few times but looks nothing like the stitch in your blanket.

Juliet March 11, at am. Yes, I am having the same issue with Row I have looked it up in my book, and adapted it, but it still looks nothing like the picture. I hope this version will help you! Juliet March 14, at pm. Thank you!

Chevron Crochet Blanket Pattern - Rescued Paw Designs

The first row now looks better. When you say SC around the 2ch of the previous round, do you mean that after crocheting the shell into the gap, you crochet one SC into the 2ch loop? I appreciate your taking time to help us out! Does this make sense? Barb Fuller March 8, at am.

Your rainbow blanket is sooo beautiful! And I like the way you have written up the directions…much easier to follow than how directions are traditionally presented. My only issue is the choice of a very pale color to write them up with. Could you highlight all and use black or navy blue for the text? That would be a great help!

Black on white is so much easier than light grey on white.


How To Read A Crochet Pattern: Terms Explained For Beginners

I will check back in a few days to see if I can read it better. Then you immediately have the pattern for reference :. This is wonderful! I will do it right away. On the ordering-site for the wool it says needles no. Gail September 26, at am. Hannah March 11, at pm. Some rows HDC-rows I do continuously if the next row is in the same colour. Natalie Purvis March 23, at pm. This is really important to know and should be included in the pattern.

Charo March 15, at am.

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KatherineH March 17, at pm. Hi, I love this blanket and the challenge of making it. But quick question about row I am not sure how to start this row. Had a lightbulb moment with the comments about always starting your rows on the right hand side. That will explain why I always had to do an extra single row in the bobble stitches to get them on the correct side.

How To Crochet for Beginners - VERY EASY Crochet Modern Blanket

Not giving up as I like a challenge but rows are driving me a little crazy But thanks for sharing this fabulous blanket. Anna April 4, at pm. I love stripes, I love changing stitches to avoid boredom through too much repetition, and your choice of colours is absolutely delightful. Your wonderful blanket goes on high priority in my to-do list. Ryver Otter April 17, at pm. I have a silly question. In the popcorn rows, what stitch do you make between the bobbles, 9 HDC?

Mary Jo Bracken April 24, at am. Just want to do it right with as few questions of you as possible. Thanks for your help! Donna Peebles April 24, at pm. Kirsten, What a stunning blanket or afghan for you folks who prefer that term. Thank you so much for the pattern. It is beautiful!

Edging of the blanket

Anthea May 12, at pm. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I am enjoying this project so much. This is so addictive. I have made knitted items befoe and couple of small crochet ones as well. Jacki VanDyke August 3, at am. Question, If you want to make it a bit smaller, how many chains in the starting row? Kirsten August 3, at am. There is not really a way to make this blanket smaller without having to adjust the stitches a bit. I chose stitches in width, because is dividable by many numbers 2,3,4,5,6,8,10 etc.

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  5. This means that I could incorporate many stitches which all have different amounts of stitches in their repeat.