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He's going to play some solo material, and will be invited to join Little Boy Blue on some songs. Preliminary list for Blondie's gigs in Norway: Nov. Link: [www. I love his music with Mink DeVille but when I listened to his trio Then again, since I haven't seen him since the eighties I'd catch him if he was in town Doc Pomus really liked him too. The point was to show how even that cover Tremulis Orchestra was previously posted on Little Pink.

It was great again to see Blondie Chaplin there too. Subject: Eleanor Rigby Fact or fiction? Blonde On Blonde is a favorite of mine when I am feeling introspective, and that opening song always clashes with that mood. I don't mean to give it a disservice as it is far from awful, and the ragtime band sound is something to be appreciated, but it should have been a 7" single, not an album track.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans. Must not forget to dig out Alice's Restaurant tomorrow.

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People were stoned to death for committing crimes in Biblical times, a very painful way to go. Hence, "they'll stone you when you're trying to be so good Happy Thanksgiving all. Subject: Sorry Sorry that should be 12 hours. Subject: Anybody know about this? I am reading a biography of Peter Cook just now. He tells of his attempt to make a record in Los Angeles, some time from July to August in Quite a nice tune.

Come the night, Clover Studios are booked, along comes a fleet of Cadillacs containing LA's best musicians - The Band, Ricky Nelson as a vocal adviser, Keith as a drummer and producer, about twenty musicians. Tull - I agree with you about Black friday - a terrible day to go out as well as a bad concept but hey - it's capitalism and you take the good with the bad.

But to continue on the Black Friday theme; my brother-in-law and his wife actually try to get out to stores this evening and find things that they like and then hang them or place them in different areas so that when they get there early in AM, they can go right to them, gather them up and pay for them without fighting over or looking for bargains. Jtull: Agree completely on Rainy Day Women.

Never liked it. Not a Sylvio type of dislike - just dislike. No Band "hits" I feel that way about, interestingly. Perhaps my least favorite Bob Dylan 'hit', although I enjoy it every so often. To me it is clearly not about getting high. I see the everybody must get stoned' reference as more synonymous with 'you're damned if you do, damned if you don't' Entered at Wed Nov 26 CET from bas4-toronto The Greatest Hits Vol 1 was the album. My older brother told me it was about religion. A decade or so later, I realized that the first song I ever learnt to play was a Civil Rights song.

Perhaps Divorce!

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What a horrible invention of the modern world, this Black Friday is. Kohl's is advertising a sale that starts at 4 am. Do their poor workers even go to bed the night before? There is something seriously wrong if you need to be at Kohl's at am. I don't care how good the prices are.

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I'm going to be in bed sleeping with my wife and cat and looking forward to my daughter waking up and being home to enjoy breakfast with her for a change, then putting up some holiday decorations, playing with her on the floor with her legos, and then meeting with the animal shelter that evening to go over our volunteer plans as I posted earlier. If I want to shop that's what Amazon is for, in bed, with a glass of wine and a warm tuxedo cat sleeping in my lap. Ry Cooder's album "Borderline" is another favorite of mine. Joan, on the job training is not a bad thing.

We all do it. With the resurfacing of the same old gang, I think Tull may have been the only one here that voted for the man to bring real change. It's too early of course to tell but he seems to be headed down well worn paths.

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Consider Ry Cooder or Boomer's Story from his early days. There's just so much stylistic variety, from the record Jazz up through his most recent trilogy, there for cherry-picking. A 1-record recommendation from '78 on is a rough choice to me. Empty, that was a beautiful paean to women. That Lawrence Welk clip was truly awful I think keeping Gates is a wise move. The one thing we don't need now is people who need on the job training. The economy is an all consuming problem A Happy and safe holiday to all! But you can't go wrong with any of the early ones. You might like the political tone of Into the Purple Valley.

Subject: Greed is good! I'll be at work while all our American posters will be off celebrating what I hope is, a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Play nice on Black Friday! I'm a big fan too. And we were both born in Santa Monica! He's 3 years my senior though and our paths never actually crossed.

It was a Taj Mahal show not The Rising Sons though and the focus was on Taj Mahal but I clearly recall the guitar player, his slide playing I'd never seen that before and his unusual name.

I don't think he had a record out then but they came soon enough and were always an exciting get. His shows in the 80s were terrific, albeit rare. The show could have ended then and I'd have been satisfied. When Little Village came around I was truly stoked and the show I saw is in my top 2 of ever. He and Nick Lowe did a charity show this summer in San Fran that drew good notices. So maybe, eh I'm not a great fan of his vocals though and wonder if he even likes his singing voice that much. He seems to cover that by employing other vocalists in his groups and albums too.

On the newer stuff I think of him as more of a narrator than a singer per se. That's my lot. I find it interesting that Obama, who ran against the Iraq war, has chosen to keep on Defense Secretary Bill Gates, the man running it for President Bush. I am neither supporting that nor condemning it, and from what I have read it might be the best thing for him to do while he focuses on the economy.

Still noteworthy though. Presidents often run on one platform only to find that thier presidency is ruled by a completely unforeseen set of circumstances. One of the rationals for Bush in was that he may not be very experienced, but the world is at peace and the economy is good, so he won't be a bad caretaker president. I was at a party and he was invited as well a long time ago Dallaire was in command of the UN force in Rwanda. Kevin, I guess we'd have to agree on what kind of songs J2Rs was talking about in that piece you posted. If I don't answer - it's not because I don't like or am not interested in what you say - it's merely I have nothing worthwhile to add When the grandeur of an Arab exist, It is simply splendid, and I must add grandeur of a female.

Because this greatness I caught it only once, a passage in Cecil B. De Mille movie, I was even not aware I am Arab, this scene is unbelievably soft. The dialog writing credits are shared by J. Ingraham, A.

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  4. Judge by your own Sephora - Which of my sisters did you choose? Moses - I made no choice, Sephora Sephora - She was very beautiful, wasn't she? This woman of Egypt, who left her scar upon your heart Her skin was white as curd Her eyes green as the cedars of Lebanon [thunder of applause from a turbulent group of spectators in the movie theater] Her lips, tamarisk honey Like the breast of a dove, her arms were soft And the wine of desire was in her veins Moses - Yes Sephora - She was beautiful Moses - as a jewel Sephora - A jewel has brilliant fire, but it gives no warmth Our hands are not so soft, but they can serve Our bodies not so white, but they are strong Our lips are not perfumed, but they speak the truth Love is not an art to us.

    It's life to us We are not dressed in gold and fine linen Strength and honor are our clothing Our tents are not the columned halls of Egypt but our children play happily before them. We can offer you little but we offer all we have. Where else can you find that race of woman? Yes, quality is often shite. The MerleFest download was a great idea from Levon.

    In some ways, Led Zeppelin can be cavalier about the hundreds of boots because they're making a lot of money anyway. For the David Lindley's who don't sell a lot of records it must be especially galling to see the money go down the drain. The internet has actually replaced bootlegs. You never see Van Morrison now.

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    Heavy tactics have worked very well on Record fairs. It's hard not to sympathise with artists who see issues quality control being a major one with bootlegging.

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    I also sympathise with fans wanting to hear things. I think I've mentioned this before, but Paul Kelly will allow you to tape his shows, provided you don't sell them for profit you can sell them, but only to cover costs and you must send him a copy Susan just read your plans. She figures you're gonna end up in Guantanamo Bay. Subject: cooking the books after hours Norm- No problem.