Moving into the Superintendency: How to Succeed in Making the Transition

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Jun 28, A collaborative learning experience. Karen was well prepared and made sure all of our questions were answered. Very knowledgeable about the subject. Also appreciated the lunch provided both days. Well done to everyone. Mike M. The course is targeted for new managers but I feel that all managers could really find value in taking this course. The concepts and topics were all reinforced with activities and discussion to show the relevance as well as how they can apply to real life scenarios.

I will definitely remember this course material in my everyday life at work. Pattie S. May 19, Lee S. Sep 13, Karen provided real scenarios that put things into perspective for me.


Karen's knowledge of the material along with her sense of humor kept the team engaged, focused and on track. I would have preferred at least Past Participant, Town of Caledon Sep 12, I enjoyed it and I hope to have the opportunity to take another course. I enjoyed the smaller class size too. The instructor, Karen, was very knowledgeable and provided many relevant examples from her experience.

5 Principles of a Successful Digital Transition

Past Participant, Symcor Inc. May 16, I thought Karen did a great job covering the material and provding alot of good personal examples. Enjoyed the ispeak questionaire. Sometimes the course material was covered too slowly.

I think more content could be included if relevant. Past Participant, Scepter Corporation May 15, Alise R. May 15, I have been managing people for a number of years now so most of the topics are things I already deal with. It was a nice refresher and offered some other points for consideration.

Melody S. May 13, The group discussions with others is beneficial as you see others are dealing with the same issues. Throughly enjoyed Karen and her delivery on the course material. She kept the class engaged and her true examples provided clarity. May 12, Great experience.

Following this advice to maintain momentum, even with a new leader.

Thank you for given me the tools and skills needed to prepare me for my new role. Past Participant, Town of Caledon Mar 29, Deane's knowledge is amazing. She gave me some very valuable insight. She is a fascinating woman. Tammy B. Mar 1, This was my first course.

5 Principles of a Successful Digital Transition

I learned so much from it, and would for sure like to attend more in the future. Derek V.

How You Will Benefit

Feb 29, Past Participant, Habitat for Humanity Feb 1, Facilitator gave a number of examples to illustrate various concepts. I would've liked more information on conducting performance appraisals etc as these are also critical to management. Past Participant, Microsoft Canada Inc. Jan 29, Excellent course, great instructor , good participatoin by all attendeess.

Great inforamtion shared and learned. Mental Health Commission of Canada Mar 19, Could incorporate more 21st century challenges, such as managing flexible work arrangements, communicating with technology, etc. Amazing - experience and wisdom. Wonderful, knowledgeable, dynamic, honest instructorWonderful, knowledgeable, dynamic, honest instructor. Past Participant, Kinaxis Inc Sep 11, Sep 10, I had a good experience at this course. The facilitator covered the material well and was able to provide helpful answers when questions arose.

Sep 9, Past Participant, Mold-Masters Ltd. Past Participant, eHealth Ontario Nov 22, Brad was an excellent facilitator with deep knowledge and experience. The class was very interesting. Brad was an excellent facilitator. He kept the class motivated and engaged and brought in real world examples.

Thanks Brad. Some concepts around hiring would have been helpful. Spoke from experience which was important. Past Participant, HollisWealth Nov 10, Past Participant, Futurpreneur Canada Nov 22, Past Participant, Futurpreneur Canada Nov 21, Bruce was fantastic as keeping the group engaged and on task. A good pace to the two days. Bruce did a great job at keeping the group engaged and used great real life examples to show relevance.

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Denise L. Since I did not know what to expect, I thought the course covered pretty much all of the aspects I was expecting. Bruce was very engaging, very knowledgeable about the content of the course and offered a lot of additional examples for a better understanding. Karen was fantastic.

Katharine C. Laura H.

I think this is such a valuable course for managers, both new and existing. The one constructive comment I have is in regards to the notebook.

Superintendent’s Corner | Mecklenburg County Public Schools

Though the content of the notebook is covered throughout the course, I would have preferred to have the notebook contain articles and other reading material included that was referenced in the course. Karen mentioned that there are some great resources online through CMC's website, but i think it would be beneficial to include some of those resources in the notebook. Karen is great! Past Participant, Kinaxis Inc Sep 13, Course content was relevant to a new managerLucie took the time necessary to cover the course content, and also provided learnings on additional content that was important to attendees.

Very engaging with the class, very knowledgeable and provided "sticky" information. Past Participant, Kinaxis Inc Dec 8, Past Participant, Harlequin Enterprises Ltd.