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You have to be with your child. To be able to spend that many hours a day together, our bond took off in a way that I never imagined. The Pursuit of Happyness takes its misspelled title from the line in the U. Declaration of Independence. As Chris Gardner explains, what Thomas Jefferson wrote says happiness is not guaranteed; it is something you have to pursue.

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Share via Email. Print this page. Related Stories. Two women - one from England the other from Southern California - trade homes and lifestyles for a memorable winter vacation in a new romantic comedy co-starring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. Of greatest concern is the fact that the U. The U. In the Declaration of Independence, one of the three unalienable rights declared by our founding forefathers was the pursuit of happiness, ranked equally with liberty and life itself. Yet, over 13 years, our happiness level has decreased more than other countries. Where has the U.

The report addresses the role of digital media in diminishing our sense of happiness. Among U. Of note, smartphone availability and usage began a dramatic increase in This decline has also been associated with a serious increase in depression, suicidal ideation and self-harm, especially among girls and young women. Many of the comments concerning the U. Overall, the report elucidates how elusive happiness becomes when we are self-absorbed in our own little worlds, abandoning the social fabric of relationships with family and friends, and falling victim to satisfying the demands of our ego as it promotes our material-oriented drives.

The general impact of burgeoning addictions has contributed to the spread of unhappiness in the U. Addictions are widely defined to include not just narcotics and alcohol, but addiction to work, exercise, screen time, food, sex and love, among others. One of the major consequences is the damage and destruction of relationships with others. In contrast, the report findings support the notion that helping others can be a very rich source of happiness, a fact that may have been lost on many of the me-focused screen-addicted people in our modern world.

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Small acts of kindness and compassion represent a significant effect on happiness, for both the giver and the recipient. The good news is, we can correct this course direction. We must realize we are not victims of circumstance — the outer world is a reflection of our inner world. We tend to see ourselves as existing separately from the world around us, but, in fact, our entire mental model of self and world is ours alone.

Combine this realization with the emerging scientific concept that we are all sharing one mind. In fact, consciousness is unified throughout the universe and is only filtered into our awareness through our brains, luring us into believing that personal consciousness is isolated when that is not the case at all. Our very existence as sentient beings offers us significant influence in how that mental world evolves. This highlights the value of exploring the mental realms as a means of interacting with the universe at large.

In essence, the main thrust of modern scientific studies of consciousness is revealing that we are spiritual beings living in a spiritual universe.

And the Pursuit of Happiness

The more separatist, competitive materialistic thinking has pervaded our modern world, the further we have migrated from our basic spiritual nature, resulting in unhealthy dissonance and toxicity. This spiritual vacuum in our world is at the root of much of societal malaise, whether it be the storm of addiction that is killing us in unprecedented numbers, or the shocking epidemic of suicidal behavior afflicting huge swaths of our modern society — those who have lost any sense of meaning or purpose, not to mention happiness , in their lives.

To contribute to these efforts, Karen Newell and I have created Inner Sanctum Center , an online community designed to help open minds to these truths through exchange of ideas and generating firsthand experience. We invite you to view a replay of this minute session where we answer questions on a variety of topics. No soul left behind — all can achieve inner peace and happiness, and the more each of us achieves this worthy goal, the more harmonious our world will become. Eben — what you say is undoubtedly true. Does Om have free will?

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If so, Om could create universes where love does not lay at the center. If not, then there is something greater than Om, limiting Om, and IT could send me to suffering.

Am I one with Om? How do we discern true spirituality from escapism? I once thought the world was waking up, but now seems more fractured, corrupt, violent and fearful than ever. I feel only some form of true spirituality can push the mass of humanity away from materialism, war and climate destruction. It has to, or we will self-annihilate, either through runaway warming or a nuclear war. I love your work and am grateful for finding you.

You pulled me through some tough times.

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I know of a man who is extremely awakened. Very aware of his consciousness is shared with everyone around him. Although he has had a history of emotional abuse from childhood from his divorced parents when he was five. He still manages to remain convinced that he has something to contribute to the world. Be it lessons for the younger people he interacts with to give mature, objective advice despite everything that should convince him not to in juxtaposition to his past.

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He has never had any close friends because he was constantly moving from place to place when he was younger. He has taken medications in the past that made him MORE suicidal than he originally was. Everyone in his family is narcissistic and have their own agendas, so as a result..