Thars Goldwings, Harleys and other Motorcycles in Them Thar Hills!

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About the Author Peter Henshaw was an enthusiast for anything with wheels from an early age - everything from bicycles to hp tractors. He's also written over 40 books, including 20 about bikes. He's an all-year round motorcyclist who does not own a car. In a day when motorcycling is not only becoming an economical way of transportation, riders are also discovering the joy of riding for pleasure. This book is written for those that want to take off and find some scenic rides in the North Georgia, Southeastern Tennessee and Southwestern North Carolina areas.

I have included some motorcycling stories for your reading pleasure including a comical take on my son's first long distance motorcycle trip. It also supports new formats which recently Dailymotion rolled out. DrollMotion is based on super fast script which can handle a number of downloads simultaneously.

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So you will never any downloading speed issue. So enjoy downloading videos from Dailymotion using DrollMotion and showcase, watch and listen to the ocean of never ending digital video download stream. Droll Motion. Results for old thar. She wanted certified Jersey City love python, and she got it. Checking out the next morning, the manager told us to help ourselves to the coffee — but she poured mine. I thought I heard Bregstein choke. But Pete and I have been friends for over 20 years and I knew he suspected fraud.

The diner where we were having breakfast was about 5 miles distant, and it can take me that long to stretch my knees when first starting out. I found a tight parking space in front, and reached around behind me without looking to fish my folding cane out of the top case. Looking over my shoulder, I saw the sweetest little old southern lady, wearing a kind of bonnet.

Some guys can be so petty at times. Pete Buchheit had been its first. Pete was splitting off to head for Maryland after breakfast, while Dick and I were continuing on to Asheville.

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What none of us knew nor even suspected was that four days later that K75 would be a pile of wreckage and my trajectory would end in a Virginia hospital. Posted by Jack Riepe at Thursday, February 24, 47 comments:. Monday, February 21, Strasburg by Twisted Roads. The truth of the statement regarding the photograph depends on the subject of the picture, and who took it. A bad picture can be rescued by snappy text. But bad text can never be revived by a bad photo. And a good photo just makes bad text look even worse. That is why nervous writers like myself brush our teeth with gin in the morning as part of the creative editorial process that paints a series of pictures in the minds of dedicated readers.

I like to think I write the kind of stories that seduce the reader from paragraph to paragraph.

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But there are times when I am inclined to let the gentle reader relax between transitions by looking at a picture that is unique, odd, sexy, or just interesting. This is tough to do as all my photographs look like shit. My pictures suck so badly that they would stick to the surface of a waterfall A really big waterfall Like Niagara Falls.

Many other motorcycle blog writers take great pictures. It is something they like to do. I am inspired by pain and aggravationto take shitty pictures. On most of my motorcycle rides, I arrive at our destination having chewed through the strap in my helmet, dripping sweat that kills the grass by the side of the road. It has limitations, but it was a snap to edit on iMovie, barely taking longer than an hour. This is the screen-side. Competition from other riders for reader attention got hot for a bit with the advent of moto-video.

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Yet moto-video is very different from carefully composed still shots. It is generally taken from cameras mounted on a helmet or the handlebars, and which simply records mile after mile of a run.

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When it comes to straightaways, sweepers, and country roads, we all have a story tell — and that little video camera seldom gets the job done. Above: The camera side of the Apple iPod Nano. US Quarter Dollar coin now worth 6 cents provided for scale. I have no interest in buying one of the current handlebar-mounted cameras. Then fate brought me to an Apple computer store one day last summer, and I got to play with an iPod Nano, which as the approximate size of a short stack of business cards a stack of about It had no options for zoom or anything else. According to the salesperson, a hot little cookie named Chrissy, this tiny device could take remarkable movies that would almost download themselves onto my MacBook, and through iMovie, would allow me to stabilize the video, adjust the lighting, dub in sound, and play with some surprising special effects.

She then showed me sample video taken by the iPod Nano. It was astounding.

It was also taken by a team of experts, under ideal lighting conditions, and edited by a Hollywood studio. I had an idea for a radical concept: Twisted Roads TV. This would be a monthly video program that would go far beyond the standard moto-video. It would be a chronicle of select destinations, with pertinent interviews of some surprising figures in motorcycle circles , with related footage. I also intended to combined the video with a decent story lead-in. The video is primitive Shakey in places And the limitations of the iPod Nanos no longer offered by Apple in this configuration became obvious in the shooting and in the editing.

The iPod Nano cannot be used by the rider on the road. Yet from little acorns, mighty oaks might grow. Another stupid bromide. Strasburg — By Twisted Roads It was the kind of clear, summer day on which you were absolutely compelled to ride A ride would seem cooling as long as you were moving, and unaware of the moisture being sucked from your body through your mesh gear. You have to stop sooner or later, and unless you are by a place where the lake is remote, the beer is cold, and the women undiscerning, then you will be compelled to retrace your steps, probably in worse heat regenerated by stalled traffic.

Pennsylvania is one of those states that gives the impression that a good time for many is sticking their thumbs up their own ass, while tap dancing.

It has no seashore. The mountains that are close are table-sized and crowded. The mountains that are far are home to more bear than deer, and your chances of running into a deer are much higher than finding a joint with great topless dancers. Yet those of us who live in the southeast corner of the state are blessed with options.

Thar's Gold Them Thar' Hills, Used

World-class beaches are only three or four hours away in New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia. Better still are the tiny, dead-end roads that lead to shore communities famous for their three-stool bars and great seafood. And if one is determined to find a relative coolness under the trees, or the solace of open farmland drenched with tradition, the Amish fields of Lancaster are 40 minutes to the west.

It was there I pointed the business end of my K It would be cool here in the sense that it is home to some of the greatest technical transportation marvels of the late 19th Century. Yet it is an atmosphere of sulfurous coal smoke, clouds of steam, and trickling streams of boiling water — located in the heart of Amish cornfields, that follow the contours on interconnecting valleys. This photo, which does not suck, was taken by Leslie Marsh. I had some company on this run. Clyde Jacobs would turn up later at our destination.

These guys are all better riders than I am, but each thought the idea of fooling around with making a video in and around these ancient, bellowing trains would be a pisser.

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